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Dr. LIN Jinyi

Dr. LIN Jinyi

Associate Professor



Address: 5 Xin Mo Fan Road, Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing 210009, China

Research Interests

Conjugated Polymer and Devices, Supramolecular Plastic Electronic

Biographical Information

2009-2014: PhD degree; Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

2011-2011: Research Assistant; Singapore University of Technology and Design.

2015-2016: Post-Doc.; Imperial College London (IC, UK).

2014- 2016: Post-Doc.; Nanjing Tech University (NanjingTech).

2016-         : Associate Professor; Nanjing Tech University (NanjingTech).

Academic Achievements

Dr LIN Jinyi focus on designing and preparing of supramolecular conjugated polymer and their applications in flexible nanoelectronic and plastic devices. Through materials processing, structural analysis, photo-electrical and mechanical characterizations, he aims to fundamental understand the effect of chain aggregation behavior in precursor solution states, molecular arrangement in the film states on the photo-electrical and mechanical property of corresponding film and device, and further develop new materials/solution formulation for the large-scale flexible devices. He published ~30 SCI papers in this field including Macromolecules, Polym. Chem., ACS Macro Letters, ACS Applied Material Interfaces, J. Mater. Chem. C, Macromol. Rapid Commun., Appl. Phys. Lett..


1. Jinyi Lin,# Bin Liu, Mengna Yu, Linghai Xie,* Wensai Zhu, Haifeng Ling, Xinwen Zhang, Xuehua Ding, Xuhua Wang, Paul N. Stavrinou, Jianpu Wang, Donal D. C. Bradley*, Wei Huang,* Heteroatomic Conjugated Polymers and the Spectral Tuning of Electroluminescence via a Supramolecular Coordination Strategy. Macromolecular Rapid Communication 2016, DOI: 10.1002/marc.201600445.

2. Jinyi Lin,# Gangyi Zhu, Bin Liu, Mengna Yu, Xuhua Wang, Long Wang, Wensai Zhu, Linghai Xie,* Chunxiang Xu,* Jianpu Wang, Paul N. Stavrinou, Donal D. C. Bradley,* Wei Huang,* Supramolecular Polymer-Molecule Complexes as Gain Media for Ultraviolet Lasers ACS Macro Letters 2016, 5, 967-971.

3. Bin Liu,# Jinyi Lin,# ( Co-first Author) Feng Liu, Mengna Yu, Xiwen Zhang, Ruidong Xia, Tao Yang, Yueting Fang, Linghai Xie,* Wei Huang,* A Highly Crystalline and Wide-Bandgap Polydiarylfluorene with b-Phase Conformation toward Stable Electroluminescence and Dual Amplified Spontaneous Emission. ACS Applied Material Interfaces 2016, 8, 21648-21655.

4. Haifeng Ling,# Jinyi Lin,# (Co-first Author) Mingdong Yi,* Bin Liu, Wen Li, Zongqiong Lin, Linghai Xie,* Yan Bao, Fengning Guo, Wei Huang*, Synergistic Effects of Self-Doped Nanostructures as Charge Trapping Elements in Organic Field Effect Transistor Memory. ACS Applied Material Interfaces 2016, 8, 18969-18977.

5. Yuyu Liu,# Jinyi Lin,# ( Co-first Author) Yifan Bo, Linghai Xie,* Mingdong Yi, Xinwen Zhang, Hongmei Zhang, Teck-Peng Loh,* Wei Huang* Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Highly Strained [4]Cyclofluorene: Green-Emitting Fluorophore. Organic. Letter2016, 18, 172-175.

6. Mengna Yu, Bin Liu, Jinyi Lin,* Tao Li, Dan Lu*, Feng Liu, Wensai Zhu, Linghai Xie, Wei Huang,* Nondilute 1,2-Dichloroethane Solution of Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-2,7-diyl): A Study on the Aggregation Process, Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, 2016, 34, 1311-1318. Cover paper.

7. Laiyuan Wang, Zhiyong Wang, Jinyi Lin, Jie Yang, Linghai Xie*, Mingdong Yi*, Wen Li, Haifeng Ling, Changjin Ou, Wei Huang* Long-Term Homeostatic Properties Complementary to Hebbian Rules in CuPc-Based Multifunctional Memristor. Advanced Electronics Materials, 2016, Accepted.

8. Changjin Ou, Jinyi Lin, Jie Mao, Shuangquan Chu, Yu Zhao, Linghai Xie*, Hongtao Cao, Xinwen Zhang*, Ying Wei, Wei Huang* Friedel-Crafts arylmethylation: A simple approach to synthesize bipolar host materials for efficient electroluminescence. Organic Electronics 2016, 38, 370-378.

9. Bin Liu, Yan Bao, Haifeng Ling, Wensai Zhu, Ruijun Gong, Jinyi Lin, Linghai Xie*, Mingdong Yi*, Wei Huang*, Fluorinated p-n Type Copolyfluorene as Polymer Electret for Stable Nonvolatile Organic Transistor Memory Device. Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, 2016, 34, 1183-1195. Cover paper.

10. Jinyi Lin,# Wen Li, Zhenzhen Yu, Mingdong Yi,* Haifeng Ling, Linghai Xie,* Shengbiao Li, Wei Huang* p-Conjugation-interrupted hyperbranched polymer electrets for organic nonvolatile transistor memory devices. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2014, 2 (19), 3738-3743.

11. Jinyi Lin,# Wenshai Zhu, Feng Liu, Linghai Xie,* Long Zhang, Ruidong Xia,* Guichuang Xing, Wei Huang* A Rational Molecular Design of beta-Phase Polydiarylfluorenes: Synthesis, Morphology, and Organic Lasers. Macromolecules 2014, 47 (3), 1001-1007.

12. Jinyi Lin,# Bin Liu, Haifeng Ling, Linghai Xie,* Wei Huang* Polydiazafluorene Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles and Their Tunable Luminescence with Acid. Journal of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (Natural Science), 2014, 34 (4), 104-111.

13. Jinyi Lin,# Jen It Wong, Linghai Xie,* Xiaocheng Dong, Hui Ying Yang,* Wei Huang* Hydrogen-bonded supramolecular conjugated polymer nanoparticles for white light-emitting devices. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2014, 35 (9), 895-900.

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16. Xinwen Zhang, Zhenfeng Lei, Qi Hu, Jinyi Lin, Yuehua Chen, Linghai Xie, Wenyong Lai, Wei Huang* Stable pure-blue polymer light-emitting devices based on b-phase poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) induced by 1,2-dichloroethane. Applied Physics Express. 2014, 7, 101601.

17. Bin Liu, Jinyi Lin, Zhenfeng Lei, Mingli Sun, Linghai Xie,* Wei Xue, Chengrong Yin, Xinwen Zhang* Wei Huang* Solvent and Steric Hindrance Effects of Bulky Poly(9,9-diarylfluorene)s on Conformation, Gelation, Morphology, and Electroluminescence. Macromolecular Chemistry Physic 2015. 1043-1054.

18. Lu Li, Tianqing Hu, Chengrong Yin, Linghai Xie,* Yang Yang, Chao Wang, Jinyi Lin, Mingdong Yi, Shanghui Ye, Wei Huang* A photo-stable and electrochemically stable poly(dumbbell-shaped molecules) for blue electrophosphorescent host materials. Polymer Chemistry 2015, 6, 983-988.

19. Jinyi Lin,# Zhenzhen Yu, Wenshai Zhu, Guichuang Xing, Zongqiong Lin, Suhui Yang, Linghai Xie,* Chunli Niu, Wei Huang* A p-conjugated polymer gelator from polyfluorene-based poly(tertiary alcohol) via the hydrogen-bonded supramolecular functionalization. Polymer Chemistry 2013, 4 (3), 477-483. Inside Cover paper.

20. Yongzheng Chang, Qi Shao, Lingyi Bai, Changjin Ou,  Jinyi Lin, Linghai Xie,* Zhengdong Liu, Xiaodong Chen,* Guangwei Zhang, Wei Huang* Bottom-up Synthesis of Nanoscale Conjugation-Interrupted Frameworks and Their Electrical Properties. Small 2013, 9 (19), 3218-3223.

21. Xinwen Zhang, Qi Hu, Jinyi Lin, Zhenfeng Lei, Xin Guo, Linghai Xie,* Wenyong Lai, Wei Huang* Efficient and stable deep blue polymer light-emitting devices based on beta-phase poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene). Applied Physics Letters 2013. 103 (15), 153301.

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25. Zhengdong Liu, Yongzheng Chang, Changjin Ou, Jinyi Lin, Linghai Xie,* Chengrong Yin, Mingdong Yi, Yan Qian, Naien Shi, Wei Huang* BF3.Et2O-mediated Friedel-Crafts C-H bond polymerization to synthesize p-conjugation-interrupted polymer semiconductors. Polymer Chemistry 2011, 2 (10), 2179-2182.

26. Zongqiong Lin, Naien Shi, Yibao Li, Dong Qiu, Long Zhang, Jinyi Lin, Jianfeng Zhao, Chen Wang, Linghai Xie,* Wei Huang* Preparation and Characterization of Polyfluorene-Based Supramolecular p-Conjugated Polymer Gels. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2011, 115 (11), 4418-4424.


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