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Research Seminar of Prof. Ye Deju from Nanjing University

Research Seminar of Prof. Ye Deju from Nanjing University


Lecture Time: 14:00 on 9th November, 2018

Lecture Room: C501 of Science and Innovation Building

Lecture Title: Multimodality molecular imaging of enzyme activityin vivousing activatable probes


Ye Deju

Nanjing University



Precise measurement of enzyme activity in living systems with molecular imaging probes is becoming an important technique to unravel the functional roles of different enzymes in biological processes. Activatable probes whose imaging signal can be specifically switched from the 鈥渙ff鈥 to 鈥渙n鈥 state upon interaction with a target of interest, are particularly attractive due to their improved sensitivity and specificity. In this talk, I will introduce the recent studies of development of activatable probes in our group, and highlight their applications for multimodality imaging (fluorescence, MRI and PET) of protease activity in living cells and animals.


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