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Academician HUANG Wei

Professor Dr. HUANG Wei

Professor HUANG Wei is Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and Director of Institute of Advanced Materials, and an eminent scientist in the area of organic optoelectronics and flexible electronics. He is Chair Professor of "The Recruitment Program of Global Talents" and the "Cheung Kong Scholars Program", Winner of the "National Outstanding Youth Fund", Chief Scientist of "The National 973 Programs", Honorary Doctor of the University of Sheffield, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Moreover, Professor Huang was awarded the Second Prize of the National Natural Science Award as the principal investigator for his work of 'The Design principles, effective fabrication of organic semiconductors and application for optoelectronic devices' in 2012, and the Technological and Scientific Progress Award from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, Hong Kong in 2014.

Professional Career

Born in May 1965,Academician Huang received his BSc in Chemistry from Peking University in 1983, then followed by receiving his MSc and PhD in Physical Chemistry from the same university. Then he did his postdoctoral research in the Department of Chemistry with the National University of Singapore (NUS) where he participated in the foundation of the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) since 1995.In 2001, he joined NUS again as a professor with the Faculty of Engineering, teaching polymer science. In 2001, he became Chair Professor at Fudan University, where he founded and chaired the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM). In June 2006, he was appointed as the Deputy President of the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, where he initiated the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) and the Key Laboratory for Organic Electronics and Information Displays (KLOEID). In November 2011, he was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In July 2012, he was appointed as the President of the Nanjing Tech University (NanjingTech, 2011 University) and founded the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) and the Key Laboratory of Flexible Electronics (KLOFE) with NanjingTech. In 2013, he was elected as Director-General of Jiangsu National Synergetic Innovation Center for Advanced Materials (SICAM). In 2015, he founded the International Research Center of Flexible Electronics (CoFE), and Joint International Laboratory of Flexible Electronics (LoFE).

Research Profile

His current research interests include organic/plastic/flexible electronics, bioelectronics, nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, and polymer chemistry. Academician Huang is one of the earliest and most renowned scientists in the field of organic optoelectronicsand polymer electronics. Since early 1990s, he has focused on the frontier areas in organic optoelectronics which developed from Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Electronics, and Information Science & Technology based interdisciplines. Academician Huang has established the principal framework for organic optoelectronics, achieved high-performance and multi-functionalization organic semiconductors, boosted the commercialization and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, enabling him the founder and pioneer of organic optoelectronics in China. In the area of organic optoelectronics and flexible electronics, he has made a large amount of systematic and innovative achievements and has published more than 500 papers as the first author or corresponding author in Nature Materials, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, etc, with over 20,000 citations and an H-index of 77. According to ISI Journal Citation Report, he is ranked as top 1‰ scientist in the fields of chemistry, materials sciences, and information science & technology. He has held over 200 patents which are granted in USA, Singapore, and China. Additionally, Academician Huang has published several books, such as Organic Optoelectronics, Bio-optoelectronics, etc.


• Young Outstanding Scholarship, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China, 2003

• Dawn Scholarship, Shanghai Commission of Education, China, 2003

• DuPont Young Professorship, DuPont Co., USA, 2003

• Excellent Academic Leader, Shanghai Commission of Science &Technology, China, 2004

• Cheung Kong Scholars Programme, Ministry of Education (MOE), China, 2004

• Fu-Hua Patents Filing Prize, Fudan University, China, 2005

• China S & T Talents Innovation Prize, Overseas Chinese Federation of China, 2007

• The First Member of Young S & T Leading Talents, Jiangsu 333 Program for High Level Talent, 2007

• First Winner, 2nd Award Science and Technology Progress, Jiangsu Province, 2008

• Ten Outstanding Overseas Scholars Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leaders Award, Nanjing, 2008

• Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advanced Individual of Scientific and Technical Personnel in Universities & Institutions, Jiangsu Province, 2008

• Scientist in Chief, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), 2008

• First Winner, 2nd Award Science and Technology Progress, Jiangsu Province, 2009

• Ten Stars of Science & Technology, Nanjing, 2009

• State, Outstanding Science and Technology Staff, Jiangsu Province (CAST), 2010

• The First Winner, 1st Award Science and Technology, Jiangsu Province, 2010

• The Youth Chief scientist in the "333 High-level Training Project", Jiangsu Province, 2011

• Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Academic Division of Information Technical Sciences), 2011

• First Prize, 12th Outstanding Award for Philosophy and Social Sciences, Jiangsu Province, 2012

• Cooperative Innovation Research and Promotion Award of China, 2012

• First Winner, Science and Technology Award, Jiangsu Province, 2012 (Efficient Preparation of High-performance Organic Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Devices)

• Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Advanced Materials, 2013.

• Vice- Director of National Teaching Guidance Sub-committee in Speciality of Materials Physics and Chemistry of China, Ministry of Education (MOE), China, 2013

• Member of National Teaching Guidance Committee in Speciality of Materials of China, Ministry of Education (MOE), China, 2013

• "May 1st" Labor Medal winner, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, 2013

Winner of the 2nd Prize of State Science and Technology Awards, 2013

• The Winner of the Progress Award of Science and Technology (Information   Science) of the Ho  Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 2014

• 2014 "Outstanding Chinese Visiting Scholar" of Hong Kong  Polytechnic University, November   2014

• Honorary Doctor of University of Sheffield, July 2015

• Honorary Professor of University of Wollongong, October 2015

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications:

More than 500 papers published on internationally referred journals, as corresponding author or first author since 1997

Have been cited for more than 20000 times in SCI

H-index: 77

Cited as one of the top 1‰ scientists in materials and informatics by ISI

Part of Recent Publications

1.<2015 -1118a>Tao Y, Guo X, Hao L, Chen RF, Li HH, Chen YH, Zhang XW, Lai WY, and Huang W; "A solution-processed resonance host for highly efficient electro phosphorescent devices with extremely low efficiency roll-off"; Advanced Materials 27 (43): 6939-6944, 2015.(IF 17.493)

2.<2015 -1118>Wang FX, Wang XW, Chang Z, Wu XW, Liu X, Fu LJ, Zhu YS, Wu YP, and Huang W; "A quasi-solid-state sodium-ion capacitor with high energy density"; Advanced Materials 27 (43): 6962-6968, 2015. (IF 17.493)

3.<2015 -1016>Jiang J, Zhu JH, Ai W, Wang XL, Wang YL, Zou CJ, Huang W, and Yu T; "Encapsulation of sulfur with thin-layered nickel-based hydroxides for long-cyclic lithium-sulfur cells"; Nature communications 6: 8622, 2015. (IF 11.47)

4.<2015 -0909> Zhang RP, Fan QL, Yang M, Cheng K, Lu XM, Zhang L, Huang W, and Cheng Z; "Engineering melanin nanoparticles as an efficient drug-delivery system for imaging-guided chemotherapy"; Advanced Materials 27 (34): 5063-5069, 2015. (IF 17.493)

5.<2015 -0902>Fan ZX, Zhang X, Yang J, Wu XJ, Liu ZD, Huang W, and Zhang H; "Synthesis of 4H/fcc-Au@metal sulfide core shell nanoribbons"; Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (34): 10910-10913, 2015. (IF 12.113)

6.<2015 -0805b>Ai W, Jiang J, Zhu JH, Fan ZX, Wang YL, Zhang H, Huang W, and Yu T; "Supramolecular polymerization promoted in situ fabrication of nitrogen-doped porous graphene sheets as anode materials for Li-ion batteries"; Advanced Energy Materials 5 (15):1500559, 2015. (IF 16.146)

7.<2015 -0805>Xu WD, Yi JP, Lai WY, Zhao L, Zhang Q, Hu WB, Zhang XW, Jiang Y, Liu L, and Huang W; "Pyrene-capped conjugated amorphous starbursts: synthesis, characterization, and stable lasing properties in ambient atmosphere"; Advanced Functional Materials 25 (29): 4617-4625, 2015. (IF 11.805)

8.<2015 -0403> An ZF, Zheng C, Tao Y, Chen RF, Shi HF, Chen T, Wang ZX, Li HH, Deng RR, Liu XG, and Huang W; "Stabilizing triplet excited states for ultralong organic phosphorescence"; Nature Materials 14 (7): 685-690, 2015. (IF 36.503)

9.<2015 -0617> Qian M, Zhang R, Hao JY, Zhang WJ, Zhang Q, Wang JP, Tao YT, Chen SF, Fang JF, and Huang W; "Dramatic enhancement of power conversion efficiency in polymer solar cells by conjugating very low ratio of triplet iridium complexes to PTB7"; Advanced Materials 27 (23): 3546-3552, 2015. (IF 17.493)

10.<2015 -0610> Cheng T, Zhang YZ, Lai WY, and Huang W; "Stretchable thin-film electrodes for flexible electronics with high deformability and stretch ability"; Advanced Materials 27 (22): 3349-3376, 2015. (IF 17.493)

11.<2015 -0515> Zhang WN, Liu YY, Lu G, Wang Y, Li SZ, Cui CL, Wu J, Xu Z, Tian DB, Huang W, DuCheneu JS, Wei WD, Chen H, Yang YH, and Huo FW; "Mesoporous metal-organic frameworks with size-, shape-, and space-distribution-controlled pore structure"; Advanced Materials 27 (18): 2923, 2015. (IF 17.493)

12.<2015 -0508> Zhang YZ, Wang Y, Cheng T, Lai WY, Pang H, and Huang W; "Flexible super capacitors based on paper substrates: a new paradigm for low-cost energy storage"; Chemical Society Reviews 44 (15): 5181-5199, 2015. (IF 33.383)

13.<2015 -0427> Zhang X, Lai ZC, Liu ZD, Tan CL, Huang Y, Li B, Zhao MT, Xie LH, Huang W, and Zhang H; "A facile and universal top-down method for preparation of monodisperse transition-metal dichalcogenidenanodots"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 54 (18): 5425-5428, 2015. (IF 11.261)

14.<2015 -0317b> Zhang X, Xie HM, Liu ZD, Tan CL, Luo ZM, Li H, Lin JD, Sun LQ, Chen W, Xu ZC, Xie LH, Huang W and Zhang H; "Black phosphorus quantum dots"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 54 (12): 3653-3657, 2015. (IF 11.261)

15.<2015 -0315> Deng RR, Qin F, Chen RF, Huang W, Hong MH and Liu XG; "Temporal full-colour tuning through non-steady-state upconversion"; Nature Nanotechnology 10 (3):237-242, 2015. (IF 34.048)

16.<2015 -0302> Yao GB, Li J, Chao J, Pei H, Liu HJ, Zhao Y, Shi JY, Huang Q, Wang LH, Huang W, and Fan CH; "Gold-nanoparticle-mediated jigsaw-puzzle-like assembly of supersized plasmonic DNA origami"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 54 (10): 2966-2969, 2015. (IF 11.261)

17.<2015 -0223a>Wang JP, Wang NN, Jin YZ, Si JJ, Tan ZK, Du H, Cheng L, Dai XL, Bai S, He HP, Ye ZZ, Lai ML, Friend RH, and Huang W; "Interfacial control toward efficient and low-voltage perovskite light-emitting diodes"; Advanced Materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.) 27 (14): 2311-2316, 2015. (IF17.493)

18.<2015 -0204a>Tan CL, Qi XY, Liu ZD, Zhao F, Li H, Huang X, Shi L, Zheng B, Zhang X, Xie LH, Tang ZY, Huang W and Zhang H; "Self-assembled chiral nanofibers from ultrathin low-dimensional nanomaterials"; Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (4): 1565-1571, 2015. (IF 12.113)

19.<2015 -0204b>Fan QL, Cheng K, Yang Z, Zhang RP, Yang M, Hu X, Ma XW, Bu LH, Lu XM, Xiong XX, Huang W, Zhao H, and Cheng Z; "Perylene-diimide-based nanoparticles as highly efficient photoacoustic agents for deep brain tumor imaging in living mice"; Advanced Materials 27 (5): 843-847, 2015. (IF17.493)

20.<2014 -1217>Tao Y, Yuan K, Chen T, Xu P, Li HH, Chen RF, Zheng C, Zhang L, and Huang W; "Thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials towards the breakthrough of organoelectronics"; Advanced Materials 26 (47): 7931-7958, 2014. (IF 17.493)

21.<2014 -1126> Chao J, Liu HJ, Su S, Wang LH, and Huang W, Fan CH; "Structural DNA nanotechnology for intelligent drug delivery"; Small 10 (22): 4626-4635, 2014. (IF8.363)

22.<2014 -1110>Sun GZ, Liu JQ, Zhang X, Wang XW, Li H, Yu Y, Huang W, Zhang H, and Chen P; "Fabrication of ultralong hybrid microfibers from nanosheets of reduced graphene oxide and transition-metal dichalcogenides and their application as supercapacitors"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 53 (46): 12576-12580, 2014.(IF 11.261)

23.<2014 -1029> Fan QL, Cheng K, Hu X, Ma XW, Zhang RP, Yang M, Lu XM, Xing L, Huang W, Gambhir SS, and Cheng Z; "Transferring biomarker into molecular probe: melanin nanoparticle as a naturally active platform for multimodality imaging"; Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (43): 15185-15194, 2014. (IF 12.113)

24.<2014 -1021> Wang XW, Sun GZ, Routh P, Kim DH, Huang W, and Chen P; "Heteroatom-doped graphene materials: syntheses, properties and applications"; Chemical Society Reviews 43 (20): 7067-7098, 2014. (IF 33.383)

25.<2014 -0917>Ai W, Luo ZM, Jiang J, Zhu JH, Du ZZ, Fan ZX, Xie LH, Zhang H,Huang W and Yu T; "Nitrogen and sulfur codoped graphene: multifunctional electrode materials for high-performance li-ion batteries and oxygen reduction reaction"; Advanced Materials 26 (35): 6186, 2014. (IF 17.493)

26.<2014 -0815>Wang XH, Chang HJ, Xie J, Zhao BZ, Liu BT, Xu SL, Pei WB, Ren N, Huang L and Huang W; "Recent developments in lanthanide-based luminescent probes"; Coordination Chemistry Reviews 273: 201-212, 2014. (IF 12.239)

27.<2014 -0813b>Shi HF, Ma X, Zhao Q, Liu B, Qu QY, An ZF, Zhao YL, and Huang W; "Ultrasmall phosphorescent polymer dots for ratiometric oxygen sensing and photodynamic cancer therapy"; Advanced Functional Materials 24 (30): 4823-4830, 2014. (IF 11.805)

28.<2014 -0813a> Ren N, Li JH, Qiu JC, Sang YH, Jiang HD, Boughton RI, Huang L, Huang W, and Liu H; "Nanostructured titanate with different metal ions on the surface of metallic titanium: a facile approach for regulation of rBMSCs fate on titanium implants"; Small10 (15): 3169-3180, 2014. (IF8.363)

29.<2014 -0730>Huang X, Zheng B, Liu ZD, Tan CL, Liu JQ, Chen B, Li H, Chen JZ, Zhang X, Fan ZX, Zhang WN, Guo Z, Huo FW, Yang YH, Xie LH, Huang W and Zhang H; "Coating two-dimensional nanomaterials with metal-organic frameworks"; ACS Nano8 (8): 8695-8701, 2014. (IF12.881)

30.<2014 -0529>Shen QM, Jiang JY, Liu SL, Han L, Fan XH, Fan MX, Fan QL, Wang LH, and Huang W; "Facile synthesis of Au-SnO2 hybrid nanospheres with enhanced photoelectrochemicalbiosensing performance"; Nanoscale 6 (12): 6315-6521, 2014. (IF 7.394)

31.<2014 -0514>Qian Y, Wei Q, Del Pozo G, Mroz MM, Luer L, Casado S, Cabanillas-Gonzalez J, Zhang Q, Xie LH, Xia RD, and Huang W; "H-shaped oligofluorenes for highly air-stable and low-threshold non-doped deep blue lasing";Advanced Materials 26 (18): 2937-2942, 2014. (IF 17.493)

32.<2014 -0512>Xu XJ, Huang X, Liu JQ, Li H, Yang J, Li B, Huang W and Zhang H; "Two-dimensional cusenanosheets with microscale lateral size: synthesis and template-assisted phase transformation"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition53 (20): 5083-5087, 2014. (IF 11.261)

33.< 2014-0327>Xu H, Chen RF, Sun Q, Lai WY, Su QQ, Huang W, and Liu XG; "Recent progress in metal–organic complexes for optoelectronic applications"; Chemical Society Reviews43 (10): 3259-302, 2014. (IF 33.383)

34.<2014 -0320>Tan CL, Qi XY, Huang X, Yang J, Zheng B, An ZF, Chen RF, Wei J,Tang BZ, Huang W, and Zhang H; "Single-layer transition metal dichalcogenidenanosheet-assisted assembly of aggregation-induced emission molecules to form organic nanosheets with enhanced fluorescence";Advanced Materials26 (11): 1735-1739, 2014. (IF 17.493)

35.<2014 -0310> Sun HB, Liu SJ, Lin WP, Zhang YK, Lv W,Huang X, Huo FW, Yang HR, Jenkins G, Zhao Q, and Huang W;"Smart responsive phosphorescent materials for data recording and security protection"; Nature Communications5: 3601, 2014. (IF 11.47)

36.<2014 -0129>Lin WP, Liu SJ, Gong T, Zhao Q and Huang W; "Polymer-based resistive memory materials and devices"; Advanced Materials 26(4):570-606, 2014. (IF 17.493)

37.<2013 -1210> Shi C, Sun HB, Tang X, Lv W, Yan H, Zhao Q, Wang JX, and Huang W; "Variable photophysical properties of phosphorescent iridium(III) complexes triggered by closo- and nido-carborane substitution"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 52(50):13434-13438, 2013. (IF 11.261)

38.<2013 -1209> Sun GZ, Liu JQ, Zheng LX, Huang W, and Zhang H; "Preparation of weavable, all-carbon fibers for non-volatile memory devices"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 52(50):13351-13355, 2013. (IF 11.261)

39.<2013 -0927> Tao Y, Xiao JJ, Zheng C, Zhang Z, Yan MK, Chen RF, Zhou XH, Li HH, An ZF, Wang ZX, Xu H, and Huang W; "Dynamically adaptive characteristics of resonance variation for selectively enhancing electrical performance of organic semiconductors"; AngewandteChemie-International Edition 52(40): 10491-10495, 2013. (IF11.261)

Synergetic Activities:


More than 269 granted and publicized patents in Singapore, USA, and China which producing over ten millions incomes.

Professional Service:

• Co-chairman, Society for Information Display, Singapore-Malaysia Chapter, 2000

• Member of Editorial Board of Prestigious Journals - Progress in Polymer Science, Advanced Materials, Advanced Electronic Materials, etc.

• Visiting Professor in more than 10 Universities and Institutions: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, University of Wollongong, East China University Of Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Inner Mongolia University, Suzhou University, Nankai University, Institute of Chemistry, CAS, etc.

Conference Service:

• Invited Speaker, for more than 80 international conferences.

• Member of Program Committee, for more than 60 international academic conferences.

• Chairman of Symposium, for more than 40 international conferences




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